QR Codes



QR codes in sketchbook

The main achievement today has been the addition of QR codes to the concertina sketchbook. I’m not usually a huge fan of QR codes, but I think they are probably the best way to help me achieve an effective link between the material on this online diary, and the material in the sketchbook. They appear in the book where the online/offline material coincides. For example, in the photo above, the left hand page carries the note I wrote to myself to help me remember what I needed to do to be prepared for the first research session. The QR code on the same page then links to the blog post I also wrote about preparing for the session.

The next two pages are the recreated notes I made during the first focus group interview. The QR code on this page links to the blog post about my initial thoughts after transcribing the interview.

The right hand page is the beginning of the section that covers the walking and drawing activity. Again, the code on this page links to the post about the event.

Pretty straightforward and not really that exciting, but using the codes does make seeing the overall progress that the research has taken that much easier, and much more coherent.